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The Asphalt Kings – Malta Gt3 Series

The Asphalt Kings - Malta Gt3 Series

On the 6th of July local organisation Velocity Esports Racing announced The Asphalt Kings; Malta Gt3 series. Quite a lot of hype followed this news, as some big companies are sponsoring the event, such as Level Academy, Motors Inc., Hyundai Malta, Pepsi Malta and Japanese Auto Parts.

Asphalt Kings Format

The tournament is going to be split into two groups. Group A will be competing from the 19th of July till the 16th of August. Group B will be competing from the 22nd of July till the 19th of August. After that, whoever gets the most points, will make it into the final, in which there will be another five races that will declare the tournament winner. The finals are going to be held between the 26th of August till the 23rd of September.

Where to watch 

The event can be seen on Velocity Esports Racings’ Facebook gaming page and their youtube channel.

Asphalt Kings Round 1

We have already seen Round 1 play out in Catalunya, and we all can agree that it was quite an interesting race, as Jamie Mangion managed to secure a pole position. He then took the win and even got the fastest lap, netting all the points that he could have gotten.

We hope you’re excited as we are to see how the tournament is going to go and who will be the final winner.



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