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The Pepsi Max Big Hunt Warzone Tournament

The Pepsi Max Big Hunt Warzone Tournament

On the 28th of July local content creators Max ‘SandMax’ Vassallo and Natanael ‘Spooner’ Aquilina announced that they will be partnering up with to host The Big Hunt, a Pepsi Max €500 prize pool Call Of Duty: Warzone tournament.

The Pepsi Max Big Hunt Format

First off, The Pepsi Max Big Hunt will play out in teams of two (duos). Given that there are two hours allocated for the event, we predict that there will be around three lobbies, however, we would keep some extra time free as it might run a bit over.

Every team will get points depending on how many eliminations they score, and will also be able to apply multipliers depending on your placement. The big thing is, however, that you will get additional points (15 to be exact) if you manage to eliminate either Spooner or Sandmax24. It is the Big Hunt after all. You will only be able to get these points if you eliminate Spooner or Sandmax24 in Verdansk, so meeting them and eliminating them in Gulag will not net you anything.

The Big Prize Pool

Yeap, the biggest local Warzone prize pool we’ve seen so far. €500 big ones. This prize pool will be solely distributed to the top two teams that get the most points out of all the lobbies.

  1. €400 – First Place
  2. €100 – Second Place

The winners will be announced ten minutes after the final lobby on stream.

Time Schedule And How To Watch

The tournament is scheduled for Monday, the 9th of August 2021. It is set to start at around 19:00, whilst having the stream start at 18:30. As per usual we advise you to be available till 22:00 as Warzone tournaments tend to run a bit over schedule.

The tournament will be streamed on Spooner’s Twitch channel, as well as on Sandmax’s Twitch channel. Not sure which one to watch? Well, you can watch both by using the link below.

How To Register 

Ready to grab your mate, and join The Pepsi Max Big Hunt Tournament? Well then click on the link below for the registration form and get in the chance of cashing out big! Be sure to check out the rules linked above before you do so.

Are you excited as much as we are for this one? Spooner & Sandmax never fail to deliver, and we’re sure it will be a blast, both in Verdansk (quite literally), and on stream!



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