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Maltese TV Show Popolin Discusses Gaming, Esports And Its Effects

Maltese TV Show Popolin Discusses Gaming, Esports And Its Effects

On the 21st of December, popular Maltese TV show Popolin discussed Video Gaming and Esports as a whole. It brought on several guests from the industry and it was discussed on live television.

To kick off the show, COO of Gaming Malta, Ivan Filletti addressed the distinction between gaming, referring to gambling, and another type of gaming, referring to Esports. He continued on talking about careers in esports and what esports consists of. He also mentioned the partnership that Gaming Malta has with ESL, one of the largest tournament organisers in the world, and addressed its benefits for a small island such as Malta.

Here is one of Ivan’s comments regarding Esports in Malta and its Career paths:

You don’t have to be an esports athlete to get involved with the esports industry, you could work in marketing or broadcasting or in social media, and so on… At the end of the day to create an esports tournament or event you require a studio and a bunch of people working behind the scenes.

Ivan Filletti, COO – Gaming Malta

The next guest on Popolin was Anthony Demanuele, who works in the “behind the scenes” of video gaming, as he has a team of developers which create all different types of games. His main talking point included the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted their downloads and playtime on the games they have produced. This further proved the fact that gaming is a sustainable industry, for both gamers, and game creators.

Popolin discussing gaming and its effects

Parent Coach Steve Libreri was the next guest on Popolin, and he mainly discussed the fact that gaming is influential to all types of people, but especially children as they come out learning the most.

Children’s Commissioner Lorna Muscat continued talking about the video gaming effects and how it could potentially affect children. She mentioned that people of a certain age who have already matured and developed are able to manage their time much more efficiently in comparison to younger people and that is one of many negative effects that gaming has.

Kersten Chircop, founder of GMR Entertainment then discussed the competitive element that video gaming has. Mentioning the hours it takes and the struggle to reach the top, and how hard it can be in order to be the best in the game you play.


Topics and talk shows like these not only help the local scene, but the industry as a whole. Hopefully, people will start viewing esports and video games as another career path instead of a waste of time or as a narrative for violence.

You can watch Popolin’s VOD here.



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