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Project Eversio CS:GO Roster Announced!

Project Eversio CS:GO Roster Announcement

Project Eversio have just opted to announce their new CS:GO roster heading into the 2021 season. Here is their announcement:

Who did they get?

Project Eversio have added 2 new Dutch players to the roster, Nils “ReFuZR” Groot and Max “Maxaxe” van der Bijl. Both players have previously played for “Team Dogs”, a Dutch roster, and have solidified themselves as up and coming talent from the Netherlands.

As we’ve seen with previous rosters they’ve had, Project Eversio has decided to keep its prime Maltese player, Kyle “Xaka” Gatt and its other Belgian superstars Milan “Crepow” Libbrecht and Jens “Swes” De Clercq. The trio has won the Eden Esports Malta National League Qualifier but unfortunately only managed to finish 9th-16th in the main event. Despite this, we have seen an exceptional level of Counter-Strike from this team, and will definitely deliver in their upcoming events, heading into 2021. Project Eversio’s best result in 2020 was a 3rd/4th placement in Season 6 of the ESN League, where they managed to beat teams like GeekCase Esports & RedBloods and clutch up a $72.63 USD in prize money.

Project Eversio CS:GO Roster For 2021

  • Kyle “Xaka” Gatt
  • Milan “Crepow” Libbrecht
  • Jens “Swes” De Clercq
  • Nils “ReFuZR” Groot
  • Max “Maxaxe” van der Bijl

With this move, Project Eversio have also announced that they are benching two of their players, Blake “mejtaski” Falzon Tuckwell and Gabriel “left0ver” Mizzi. Even though these players are benched, they will be suitable replacements for the two new Dutch players for any Maltese tournaments on the horizon, and are by no means out of the Project Eversio CS:GO Roster.

Eversio are definitely committed to CS:GO as an esport, both in Europe and locally in Malta. They are currently Malta’s best contenders, and are definitely the best chance for anything related to international competition. With MNL (Malta National League) Season 2 just around the corner, Eversio are determined to get a consecutive victory and improve their results in the main event.

We had a chat with Project Eversio’s founder Michele ‘Mikk’ Magro about this new CS:GO roster, and this is what he had to say:

CS:GO was and remains one of the holy trinity of esports titles. You can’t really be a hardcore esports organisation without CS, especially in Europe. We’ve had an ongoing relationship with the core members of our team since 2017, and we’re happy to present the lineup with the best potential to go far in international competition.

Michele ‘Mikk’ Magro, Project Eversio – Founder

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