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Skill Up – Who are they and what’s next for the org?

Skill Up - Who are they and what’s next for the org?

When Skill Up was founded at the beginning of the year, many local esports fans were hyped at the opportunity for another professional org to finally be formed but the general consensus would best be described as cautious optimism. After all, the local scene is no stranger to organisations being created and disbanded before ever playing in a tournament.

We previously covered Skill Up just two months after their inception and it was already clear to us that the org was not here to joke around but would seriously be competing both locally and abroad. Four months later it is great to see that not only have they stuck to their statement but have grown at a faster rate than anyone could have anticipated taking the local scene by storm.

So how have Skill Up fared so far?

As soon as they arrived on the scene, Skill Up immediately began obtaining impressive results with their ever-expanding FIFA roster obtaining impressive results in their respective tournaments with players like Luke Bartolo even managing to qualify to ESL’s monthly finals (Check out the full article on that here!)

In order to gain a better insight into all of the orgs achievements and goals, we reached out to Skill Up to ask a few questions:

A common trend among Maltese orgs is that they seem to form and disband at will before ever getting any footing. This has luckily not been the case with Skill Up as you guys have grown into one of the biggest orgs on the island! How did you overcome this initial hurdle that many other orgs seem to fall into?

Since the beginning, Skill Up had its plans of operation for the near and far future. Of course, not everything goes to plan, and the pandemic certainly did not help at all. But we, as a management team, managed to overcome this common hurdle by not giving up, giving it our best and always hoping for a good future. This summer, the organisation focused more on clothing and building our FIFA 22 squad. We obviously have plans for the future to continue going on with our journey as an esports organisation that provides apparel and also an energy drink that is available in Malta.

You guys took no time beating around the bush and immediately began launching Skill Up products and merchandise from hoodies and caps all the way to your own energy drink! Would you say that these products were integral to spreading the name of the Skill Up brand around the island and are there any upcoming product launches for fans to look forward to?

Once again, these products were long due as they had been in the plans before the launch of the organisation. But we must say, it’s overwhelming how much these products helped boost our brand amongst the Maltese citizens, with many messaging for apparel pieces, or the energy drink itself. With regards to new products, both the apparel and energy drink have numerous plans behind them. All we can say is to stay tuned for a new limited edition apparel collection dropping within a few months.

You previously mentioned that the orgs main games would be FIFA and eventually COD, a few months down the line we have yet to see a COD roster. Does this mean that plans have changed and that Skill Up intends to solely focus on FIFA?

Throughout the summer, we analysed our future as an organisation and decided to solely focus on our favourite game, FIFA. We’ve racked up some of the best players in Malta, as well as other international ones to have a very good roster going into the release of FIFA 22 this late September.

The last time we spoke to you, you told us that Skill Up’s main goal would be competing internationally and getting the best results possible. Half a year later, would you say that you have achieved this goal and do you have any new ones heading into the new season?

Unfortunately, as FIFA 21 was coming to an end, we were not able to reach that goal. Through FIFA 22, the management alongside our players is looking to work as much as possible to compete internationally and place as high as possible. 

With regards to any new goals for Skill Up, we would obviously keep investing within our energy drink and apparel and make the brand known on our islands. A goal with regards to the Skill Up Energy Drink is to start exporting it abroad, for our international fanbase to try out and enjoy! This would only be possible with a new website, which is to be released later this year!”

Having just recently partnered with as a second sponsor, Skill Up are showing no signs of slowing down and we are very excited to see what they have in store for the future!



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