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SkillUp, The Newest Esports Org In The Block

SkillUp, The Newest Local Organization

If you’re an avid fan of the local FIFA scene, you’ll come to know that we’ve got a new local organisation on the horizon, SkillUp. In this article we go over who is behind the organisation and what it has in store for us in 2021.

Before we get into what SkillUp is, let’s get to know the man behind the scenes.

Rudy Grech has always been in love with esports, whether it was watching or competing. He’s previously competed in FIFA and is now stepping into a more management-based role in esports. Now with SkillUp, he’s aiming at grabbing the best and most talented local and international players.

Esports Malta has reached out to Rudy, owner of SkillUp, to find the true meaning behind the team name:

Nowadays, to get known within the esports industry, you need players which have the skill and talent within the game they compete in to represent your organisation. Without the skill, the players and the organisation would never progress. That’s why here at Skill Up, we are ready to help progress our players’ career hand in hand with the organisation. It would be their #Time2SkillUp!

Rudy Grech, Owner of SkillUp

Does the organisation have any dream goals?

Rudy stated that the organization’s main goal is to compete abroad and get the best results possible. After consecutive solid results in online competitions, SkillUp will surely get some traction in Europe, and that is exactly what Rudy dreams his organisation to be.

SkillUp, The Newest Local Organization
Credits: SkillUp

What esport titles will SkillUp be involved with?

Rudy explains that FIFA has always been his favourite esport title, and states that this will be their main game. Alongside FIFA, SkillUp will also involve themselves with Call of Duty, competing in local, as well as international tournaments.

With the organisation only being active a couple of months, they’ve already made some massive moves. They started it all by bringing on local talented FIFA player Ryan “Klawka” Cauchi. A few days ago, they revealed that former Elite Gaming player Owen Galea would also be joining the team. Now they’ve also signed Alessandro “Punisher” Ebejer and UK FIFA player Sam “Poacher” Carmody. As you may know, Poacher has previously represented Excel Esports and AS Roma, 2 very respectable teams in FIFA esports. It’s huge news for him to be signed to a local organisation such as SkillUp, and we’re sure that this acquisition will be very beneficial for both parties.

It’s always great to see a new local esports organisation get established, especially if they’re interested in competing abroad. The team has already made a clear statement that they’re not here for jokes, but to compete and get results. 



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