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Project Eversio taking part in EEG European League Season 3 CS:GO

Project Eversio taking part in EEG European League Season 3 CS:GO

EEG have just revealed their first set of participants for their third season of the European League. This list includes 4 teams, as well as local organisation Project Eversio. Here’s everything you need to know:

EEG European League Season 3 CS:GO – Event details

As written in a previous article of ours, the event will play out for a straight 9 weeks, and feature a €2000 prize pool. Everything kicks off on the 4th of July, which gives enough time for anyone interested in participating to practice and prepare for this exciting clash between Europeans.

What teams are in?

According to EEG’s recent tweet, the teams that are currently lined up for the event are as follows:

  • UBITEAM (France)
  • Endangered Esports (Bulgaria)
  • Obtained Esports (United Kingdom)
  • Project Eversio (Europe)

These teams at the EEG European League Season 3 CS:GO will prove to be a challenge for the Eversio squad. But this is nothing that they can’t accomplish together.

Project Eversio in International Competitions

If we take a quick look at what Project Eversio are doing in Europe we can see that they’ve improved tremendously since the beginning of the 2021 season. Much like any other team, the squad has gone through a couple of changes. They first parted ways with ReFuZR, and Maxaxe followed. As replacements, they’ve brought on Swedish player Ariant0, and UK player M0g. And it’s fair to say that they’ve proven to be suitable players for the squad. However unfortunately they didn’t manage to get a solid placement in the EDC Season 4 as they got eliminated by Team LDLC.

When it comes to the 37th Season of ESEA Main, the team is currently ranked at 31st, with 8 wins and 4 losses. At the moment they’re sitting above teams like Nordavind DNB Talent, Obtained Esports, as well as Quantum Bellator Fire. Solid results coming in for this European squad and we cannot wait to see how they fare in this upcoming competition!

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