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Turbuleense Through To Playoffs At EEG FIFA European Cup

Turbuleense Through To Playoffs At EEG FIFA European Cup

Yesterday we had Project Eversio’s very own Turbuleense top the leaderboards in the Group Stage of the EEG FIFA European Cup. In this article we’ll be going over how it went down, and the reasoning behind Turbuleense’s success.

Turbuleense’s EEG FIFA European Cup Match Briefing

Turbeleense kicked off the event with a match versus RUFC’s Benray. The match was heavily dominated by Tubuleense’s skill, and in fact, he won the match with a 7-4 score line.

For the 2nd match, Turb was matched up against SAF’s Kyle Hammond. Turbuleense had already made a statement with that enormous lead in the 1st match, and was eager to replicate his results in this upcoming game. The match ended in dominant fashion for Turbuleense as it finished with a scoreline of 5-1. With this win, Project Eversio were 2-0 and 1st place in Group F.

In the third and final match, Turbuleense was versus TWI’s very own CONZZ. Project Eversio were already qualified for the Playoffs, but Turbuleense wanted to extend his lead with another dominant victory over CONZZ. And that is exactly what he did. The match ended 9-4 in favour of Turbuleense and Project Eversio were 3-0 in their Group.

Turbuleense the Malta BOV ePremier League 2020

What’s next for Turbuleense?

The next thing for Turbuleense is to climb through the playoffs stage of the EEG European Cup. The playoffs stage will feature the top 14 players battling it out for the €500 prize pool. Turbuleense has a tough task ahead but he’s certainly up for the challenge!

We’ve already seen Turbuleense’s achievements within the local scene, and with him re-joining Project Eversio, victory is inevitable. A win at the EEG FIFA European Cup would be an excellent start for Turb’s return, and Project Eversio’s return to FIFA Esports. So be sure to keep yourself updated with and check back in soon for all the latest local esports news!



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