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Camper Wins The Lockstock’s Streamer Showdown


Popular local Warzone streamer and Level Academy Co-Founder organised an eight-man streamer tournament on the 16th June. Signaling the end of Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 3, it was one of the first Solos Duos Kill Race tournaments featuring some of the most popular Warzone streamers in Malta. The winner of the tournament would also walk away with a handy €100 voucher from Olimpus Music store in Mosta, which stocks various equipment necessary for streamers, including microphones, recording equipment and more.

The lineup of invitees included a number of popular variety streamers such as Spooner, RealTyKy, Forecast Panda and Sandmax24, as well as purely Warzone streamers such as Zelli0n and Lockstock.

All eight streamers in the event streamed their own point of view, definitely a novel way to run and watch a local tournament.

Lockstock’s Streamer Showdown Match Breakdown

The tournament started with some hot matches, as two top local streamers, Spooner and RealTyKy went head to head, with TyKy taking the win. On the other side of the bracket, EVERSIO’s Zelli0n came face to face with the host of the tournament, Lockstock, who got knocked down to the Loser’s Bracket early on. On the Loser Bracket side, Sandmax24 and Markos_Gamin upset Spooner and Lockstock, respectively, whilst in the Winner’s Bracket, an unlikely player, Forecast Panda, cut through the competition like a hot knife through butter.

Despite not being an avid Warzone player, and whose Battle Royale game of choice is Apex Legends, Forecast Panda displayed an impressive natural ability to survive Verdansk, and to take off the heads of quite a few opponents, as he eliminated Markos_Gamin, RealTyKy before falling to Zelli0n in the Upper Bracket Final, and then again in the Grand Final, after defeating RealTyKy again (albeit admittedly after repeated strokes of very bad luck on RealTyKy’s end).

The Grand Final between Zelli0n and Forecast Panda was also surprisingly nailbiting, as Zelli0n had to resort to some desperate tactics, also known as camping, and also a stroke of luck with a jailbreak in order to secure the win with a single kill.

All in all the Lockstock Streamer Showdown turned out to be a great event, and everyone’s hoping for more, with perhaps more streamers thrown in the mix!

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