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Elite Gaming Acquire Julian For Their FIFA 21 Roster

Elite Gaming Acquire Julian For FIFA

Newly rebranded Maltese team Elite Gaming has announced another acquisition to their FIFA lineup. This time round it’s none other than 16-year-old Julian Muscat, one of Malta’s up and coming FIFA players.

Elite Gaming acquire Julian for FIFA – Who is he?

Julian Muscat started casually gaming at a very young age. His first game console was the portable Nintendo DS, but later moved on to a PlayStation 3 at just 11-years-old. This enhanced his interest in competitive gaming, and just last year he kicked off his FIFA career with Pro Clubs.

FIFA has always brought out the best in Julian, and just recently he advanced to the main event of the 2nd edition for the BOV ePremier League. He will be going up against the ranks of some of the best players in Malta, but we’re sure that he has the potential to outshine them. Elite Gaming will be Julian’s first ever team, and we’re sure that he has what it takes to make it big when it comes to FIFA. Here’s what he had to say about him joining the team:

I’ve decided to join Elite Gaming in hopes of learning a thing or two from my new teammates. I really believe that this step will help me up my game. I’m hoping that by representing this team and placing well at tournaments, I can help grow the team on its competitive side.

Julian Muscat, competitive FIFA player for Elite Gaming

What’s next for Elite Gaming?

They have been going at it non-stop after their rebrand earlier this year. Elite Gaming have brought on some new Fortnite players for their academy team, as well as opted to acquire Owen Galea, and now, Julian for FIFA. They also recently added some new blood to their Fortnite Academy team. They are still yet to get some big wins in local and international events. Hopefully, with GMR’s and Level Academy’s continuous events they manage to grab a couple of wins throughout 2021.

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