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GamingMalta SummerSlam; All You Need To Know

GamingMalta SummerSlam; All You Need To Know

Are you a Maltese esports fan with a lot of free time this summer? Or perhaps you’ve been honing your skills on your favourite FPS to crush your opponents? Whatever the reason, we have just the event for you! The GamingMalta SummerSlam!

What is the GamingMalta SummerSlam?

As covered previously by Zellion, the SummerSlam will be the biggest esports event in Malta this summer, stretching from the 14th of July all the way to the 12th of September. With a tournament every couple of days, local orgs will be scrambling to get their teams ready to compete for 1st place glory and the cash prize that comes along with it!

What games are going to be played?

So far, tournament organizers Level Academy have revealed that the main games throughout the SummerSlam will be:

The list omits notable titles like CSGO and Valorant, but with Level Academy having teased “more surprises all summer”, we are sure to see some more announcements! We don’t yet know if these surprises mean that the aforementioned titles will appear or if we might see a more niche title like Smash Ultimate given some time to shine in the local scene.

Event Schedule + Signup!

The event kicks off with a Rocket League 3v3 tournament followed immediately after by a Duos Warzone tournament. The full event schedule can be found below: 

Spots for the first two tournaments are running out fast, so anyone interested in competing should head over to the event website and fill in the registration form as soon as possible!

Video Armageddon?

As seen on the event schedule above, the SummerSlam ends with something called the Video Armageddon. It remains to be seen what exactly Video Armageddon entails but judging from the name, we’re expecting something big to happen on this day, and we cannot wait for more details to be revealed!

GamingMalta Making It Happen

This is not the first time that we saw GamingMalta help out the local community, but with an event of this calibre, it’s undoubtedly the biggest local esports event that they’re sponsoring. After their major support to international tournament organizers such ESL, it’s good to see that GamingMalta holds the Maltese community in mind.

As of right now, you can only sign up for the first two tournaments, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated when registration for the later tournaments open up, along with any new info and announcements on Video Armageddon and any of the surprises Level Academy mentioned so make sure to frequent our website for the latest updates!



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