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The End Of Valk Alliance

The End Of Valk Alliance

Week by week, the Maltese esports scene continues to grow or somewhat change and adapt, which often brings us exciting news. This week one of the newest teams, Valk Alliance, have announced that they will be ending their run in the esports scene after only two months.

We got in touch with the founder and owner of the team, Kaiden ‘Dirb’ Camilleri Gravins and Larson ‘Loski’ Xuereb. They gave us some details about what happened before the team initially formed and what caused the team’s end.

Here’s what Dirb and Loski had to say.

What inspired you to start the team?

We started the team to contend and become one of the best teams in Malta and even internationally.

Dirb, Loski

Which roster were you focusing on mainly?

The first full roster we had was Fortnite, and so it was our priority. Then after a week or two, we decided to launch our Warzone, CS:GO and Rainbow Six rosters.


Did Valk have any members who competed in esports competitions or came from other esport organisations?

Yes, we had two members who competed and had experience in esports. But apart from them, everyone was new to the esports scene.


In your respective opinions, what were some problems that caused the team to end? 

In the first month, we had a very active discord server and we had a wonderful community, but after that month and a half, we noticed a downfall in this feeling.


Our team had quite a bit of potential, but the owner started to lose interest in taking care of the team, and so not many new decisions were being made.


Valk Alliance has competed in two of our EXEM Proving Grounds tournament series. In our Warzone tournament, Valk’s squad placed 7th. Considering it was the first time that the team had to perform in a tournament, they had a decent showing. Let’s not forget that they were facing big teams such as Project Eversio, Team Tragedy, Valid Unit and the eventual winners M|F+. 

But then, in our Rocket League tournament, Valk’s squad had a very poor performance after getting eliminated in round 2 and then moved into the loser’s bracket and again got eliminated in the losers round 2. There were some adamant teams, some of which are: Valid Unit, Team Tragedy and VertX.

Overall, Valk had a good run in the local esports scene. Shortly after announcing that Valk Alliance will be no more, Valk’s ex-owner announced that he is launching a new team; Sykozz Esports. It is that the majority of Valk’s members will be joining this new team. Valk’s founder also decided to join this team, but this time around, as a member. 



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