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MKING Leaves Valk Alliance To Pursue Solo Career

MKING Leaves Valk Alliance

MKING Leaves Valk Alliance – Quick Flashback

For anyone who isn’t really familiar with MKING, we recently covered him and the Valk Alliance joining the local Rocket League scene. Two weeks ago, he took part in our first Rocket League Tournament, which is part of our very own EXEM Proving Grounds series.

Here are some of his thoughts and comments from when he started the road with Valk, what happened after the Tournament, and what made him leave the team:

Why did you decide to leave Valk Alliance?

To be quite honest, the only reason I left Valk is that what I have in mind is not going to be accomplished with a team, so in my opinion, working solo is the best way to do it, no distractions, just me and my career.

What are your upcoming plans?

There’s a lot of plans in mind at the moment, but the only big one I can say is that I’m starting a YouTube channel.

This is excellent news for anyone following MKING, as apart from uploading content to his TikTok page (which has over 2000 followers), he will also be uploading content to Youtube!

What are your plans for the future?

Future plans… Hmmm… It has to be to start streaming regularly, but for now it’s not in my books. Hopefully, when I start earning money, I will be able to buy a streaming setup. For now, I have a good gaming setup so I really don’t mind where I’m at right now.

Did Valk’s loss in the EXEM Proving Grounds tournament affect your final decision?

No, not really, I don’t like the competitive scene that much. I love creating content, and I don’t like sweating the game that much to compete.

Would you reconsider joining Valk or another team in the future?

As a content creator, yes, but besides that, I don’t know if I’ll ever step foot in there again.

Do you think Valk Alliance are taking their team seriously or is it a “just for fun” esports team?

In my opinion, no. But I can’t really say, maybe they are waiting for something, either way I can’t waste my time waiting.

Overall MKING didn’t seem to enjoy his stay at Valk, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for him.

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