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Malta Denied Participation In EVO – Evolution Championship Series

Malta Denied Participation In EVO

Last Friday, local Tekken competitor Lyon “Lyonidas” Buhagiar expressed his thoughts regarding the recent news of Playstation acquiring EVO. The main argument was raised in their blogpost, as it was stated that Malta and a couple of other countries were not included, therefore not allowed to participate. Here’s everything you need to know about the entire situation.

Malta Denied Participation In EVO – What is it?

The Evolution Championship Series (EVO in short) is the most prestigious fighting game tournament in the world. The event occurs annually and has been going on since 1996. It features contestants from all over the world battling it out for the biggest title in the FGC (fighting game community) esports scene. Whoever wields a championship at any of the EVO’s is embarked as one of the greats.

Why is this big news?

With the biggest FGC event of the year blacklisting countries, it’s denying a lot of opportunities to a myriad of people. This terrible news does not only affect Malta but in fact, a couple of other European countries are also denied participation. These countries include Cyprus, Israel, as well as Pakistan. What’s even more outrageous, is that Pakistani player Arslan Ash, one of the most talented players in the entire scene, will be disallowed participation in the upcoming EVO. It’s unfair for all gifted players in the FGC, and will lower the overall level of play at the event.

This shocking news struck a number of other Maltese Tekken talents, including Jeanerik. This is what he tweeted:

Not even giving a chance for a country who just loves playing Tekken and wants to make a name for ourselves to compete sucks. It’s a shame that we’ve been left out again!

Jean “Jeanerik” Bonnici, Tekken player for Visionary Iron Team

We really hope that Playstation and EVO change their mind about this decision, as this will only hurt the scene in the years to come. Malta getting denied participation in EVO is very unfortunate for the entire Tekken scene here locally. Only time will tell if this ruleset gets changed or not, but rest assured that we will write about it if it gets reverted!



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