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Project Eversio Grab 2nd At EEG 2v2 Kill Race Tournament

Project Eversio grab 2nd at EEG 2v2 Kill Race Tournament

This past Thursday, EEG (European Esports Gaming) announced a quick 2v2 Kill Race tournament, hosted by The Esports European Arena. Project Eversio in usual fashion, took part in this European event, and managed to clutch 2nd. Here’s how it all went down:

Project Eversio grab 2nd at EEG 2v2 Kill Race Tournament – How did they do it?

Before we start with the briefing of each match, we have to point out that the tournament was formatted with a single-elimination bracket in a best of 1 format. Meaning that teams only had one opportunity at making it big, and the duo of Eversio did just that.

Game 1

ImJoelll’s and Kristu’s first opponent was team Dimaks, a team made up of players which are very familiar with EEG tournaments. The Eversio duo started the match in strong fashion, grabbing a couple of early kills. Meanwhile, Dimaks were slowly falling behind and were eventually eliminated in the later stages of the game, ending with just 12 kills. It was all up to Kristu after that, as he got 11 kills to his name, totalling up to 15 kills.

Game 2

The blues were then matched against the duo of Serpy and Whittz, 2 players which are also familiar with the European Warzone competitive scene. Despite this, Joel and Ishmael did not care about the opponent’s background and just focused on playing their own game. Eventually, it worked out for them, as they got 33 eliminations in total, rivalling the 20 kills of their opposing team. It’s definitely worth mentioning that in this match Joel was the definite MVP, racking up a total of 23 kills on his own.

Project Eversio grab 2nd at EEG 2v2 Kill Race Tournament

Game 3 – Quarterfinals

With their previous win, the Project Eversio duo reached the Quarterfinals. Here they were up against g1nger, another solid figure in the European Warzone scene. In this match, g1nger’s duo, nishimiya san got dropped down early, ending up with just 1 kill. G1nger struggled to get his teammate back but somehow clutched up with 14 eliminations. Here Eversio put their focus on getting a high kill count, and they ended with 28 frags in total.

Game 4 – Semifinals

Now it was time for the Semifinals against DaRush, a duo consisting of Rush and daCarrier. Both have insanely high K/D’s, to the point where they could’ve actually been a challenge for Eversio. However, with Warzone being a very tricky battle royale, anything can happen. This match was probably their closest, as team DaRush got 15 kills, and Eversio got 17 kills.

Project Eversio grab 2nd at EEG 2v2 Kill Race Tournament

Game 5 – Grand Finals of the EEG 2v2 Kill Race Tournament

Then came the final match versus Asinnful and MaqicTm, another solid duo. This was a very unfortunate match for Eversio, as Ishmael got caught early, leaving Joel alone to try and catch up to the others. Ultimately Joel died as well, only grabbing 1 kill before they were wiped. On the other side of the scoreboard, Assinful got 4 kills, and MaqicTm a solid 7 kills. This left Project Eversio disappointed, especially after such a heroic and splendid run throughout the bracket.

Despite the wretched loss in the final match, Project Eversio have shown that when it comes to competitive Warzone, they can compete with some of the best in Europe. Getting 2nd out of 32 teams is definitely a solid result, and one to be happy about. Even though they don’t get the €100 prize, this is certainly a great achievement. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for future tournaments! Be sure to stay notified with all the local esports news here on Esports Malta!



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