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Malta To Participate In The FIFAe Nations Cup

Malta participating in FIFAe Nations Cup

It has been made public that 3 fellow talents from Malta will be representing the country in the upcoming FIFAe Nations Cup. Here is everything you need to know about the event:

What is the FIFAe Nations Cup?

The FIFAe Nations Cup, as the name suggests, is a FIFA-based competition between nations. This gives opportunities to talented players to represent their nation whilst having a more action-packed event due to national pride being on the line. Now that you know what it is, let us walk you through a couple of event details.

The FIFAe Nations is split into 5 separate zones: 

  • South America
  • North & Central America
  • Asia & Oceania
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Europe

Before the main event of the FIFAe Nations Cup takes place, a set of online qualifiers must take place.

Online Qualifiers Format

Each team or nation chooses 2 players to represent them in a 1v1 game, 1 for both platforms (XBOX + PS). The online qualifiers kick off with a group stage between the region’s representatives. After the group stage is concluded, the knockout/playoff stage occurs, and a selective number of teams grab a spot for the main event. There are 24 spots available, meaning that only the best teams have a chance to make it.

If it’s still not clear how the format of the event is to be played, here’s a short video showing every single detail of the tournament:

Dates & Scheduling

Below is a list indicating all of the dates marked for the tournament, sorted by region:

Online Qualifiers:

  • South America
    • April 23rd-24th
  • North & Central America
    • April 23rd-25th
  • Asia & Oceania
    • April 29-1st of May
  • Middle East & Africa
    • April 30-2nd of May
  • Europe
    • May 20th-23rd

Once the qualifiers are concluded, the main event plays out in Copenhagen, Denmark, between August 20th and 22nd.

Where does Malta get in with all of this? 

Malta is part of 29 other participants in the event, featuring countries like Germany, Italy, Portugal, France, and many others. Meaning that this is no easy feat, and will certainly be a challenge for the Maltese squad. 

Malta participating in FIFAe Nations CupWho’s representing us?

If you’re familiar with the local scene, you are already aware of these players. Gianluca “Turbuleense” Sant, Christian Spiteri, and Shaun “Brandsha” Galea will represent Malta for this event. These guys are the best Malta has and they’re certainly some of the most experienced players on the island.

Esports Malta got in touch with the players, to understand better how it feels to be a competitor for this event:

It feels incredible to represent Malta in the FIFA eNations Cup. I think it’s everyone’s dream to get the opportunity to represent the nation and make a name for it worldwide. We have a really strong team and I believe with hard work and dedication we can qualify and go to Copenhagen representing Malta in eSports.

Gianluca “Turbuleense” Sant

I feel honoured to represent Malta again this year, but the aim is not to just represent my country but do well as a team with Gianluca and Shaun. I can’t tell for certain if that will happen, but the current target is to qualify.

Christian Spiteri

It’s truly an honour and a dream come true to be representing Malta alongside Chris and Gianluca. This is our first time participating, as last year, the event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Shaun “Brandsha” Galea

With the previous FIFAe Nations Cup getting cancelled, this event is certainly highly anticipated. There’s a lot on the line for Malta’s representatives but we’re sure that if they practice and work hard together, they can be strong contenders for the title.



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