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The Swift Racing League

The Swift Racing League

The Swift Racing League is an upcoming racing league that is based in England. It will also open to all across the world! We talked to the guys behind it, and they gave us some exciting details!

When was the league created, and what was the inspiration to do so?

‘I started the league around three to four months ago. I love everything about the F1 esports scene, and I knew that I could build a positive community, including the very positive bond between everyone in the league.’ 

DMC5 – SRL Chairman 

The Swift Racing League Tiers 

The Swift Racing League currently has two tiers; T1 and T2 (with T1 being the higher one). There are quite many exciting prospects from all around Europe and others from North America in the tier one list! Although the tier two list is of a slightly lower class, they still show great action in their races. Last but not least, they also host the Swift Championship. In this concept, a T1 driver chooses a T2 driver and creates a team together from scratch.

What does this have to do with the local esports scene? 

Well, here in Malta, we have quite solid F1 esports leagues that have quite good standards but, if a driver feels confident enough to go for a tougher challenge and compete against drivers who are not locally-based, then this is the perfect opportunity! This is an even better situation for the Maltese drivers. By having some experience against some more formidable opponents, they will raise the standards in the local league. 



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