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Malta National Team For IESF World Championships

Malta National Team For IESF World Championships

Malta’s national teams for CS:GO and Tekken 7 will participate in the IESF World Championship.


For the second year in a row, Malta will be represented in the International Esports Federation (IESF) World Championship. In 2020, the Maltese National Esports Team participated in the European Regionals for Tekken, with Lyon Lee “Lyonidas” Buhagiar. However this year the Maltese selection also includes a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

In October 2020, Malta became represented in the IESF when the GamingMalta Foundation became a member of the international federation, giving Malta the opportunity to compete in the annual IESF World Championship. The Malta Esports Association and its members administer the Maltese National team for esports.

The selection for the Maltese National team for the IESF World Championship was carried out by the Malta Esports Association. The criteria for selection were determined as follows:

CS:GO – The winning team of the Malta National League Season 4 would be invited to represent Malta in the IESF World Championship.

Tekken 7 – An expert committee made up of members of the Malta Esports Association was tasked with choosing Malta’s representative based on previous tournament results and current activity.

Malta National Team 2021 – CS:GO

  • Kyle “Xaka” Gatt
  • Blake “mejta” Falzon
  • Mathias “raz” Johansen
  • Emil “slinger” Ternander
  • Kevin “Kevv” Sandin Felldin
  • Emmanuele “nammE” Camilleri (Substitute)

Malta National Team 2021 – Tekken 7

  • Lyon Lee “Lyonidas” Buhagiar

Before qualifying for the offline event in Eilat, Israel, Malta will have to qualify through the European Regional event, which will be held throughout September and October.



22/09/21 – 19:30 – Malta vs Luxembourg
23/09/21 – 19:30 – Malta vs Norway
24/09/21 – 19:30 – Malta vs France

Tekken 7

22/09/21 – 19:30 – Malta vs Italy
23/09/21 – 19:30 – Malta vs Netherlands
24/09/21 – 20:00 – Malta vs Wales
25/09/21 – 19:30 – Malta vs Spain

About the IESF

The International Esports Federation is composed of 107 national federations across five continents and acts as a global unifying body for esports. The IESF was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Busan, South Korea. Its mission is to represent, coordinate, harmonise and administer esports, whilst preserving the rights and providing a voice to stakeholders in the esports industry. The IESF is highly invested in anti-doping, training and education, and also organises the yearly IESF World Championship.

About the IESF World Championship

The IESF World Championship is a global esports tournament featuring the national teams of the IESF member nations, across a number of esports disciplines. The IESF World Championship has been held annually since 2009, and the thirteenth iteration of the event will be held in November 2021 in Eilat, Israel, featuring CS:GO, Dota 2, eFootball PES, and Tekken 7 as its main titles.

About the Malta Esports Association

The Malta Esports Association is a non-profit organisation made up of key stakeholders in the Maltese esports ecosystem, with the mission of establishing proper governance around Maltese esports, by acting as a voice for all stakeholders, and by educating and pushing for the proper recognition of esports in Malta.

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