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Inner Circle, Malta’s Newest Esports Contender

Inner Circle, Malta's Newest Esports Contender

If you think esports in Malta is dying, then think again. This time round we’ve got a new esports organisation involving themselves with the local community. This organisation is named Inner Circle, and in this article we’ll be going through who they are, and what their plans are for 2021!

EDIT: After publishing this article, it seems that most of the players left either on the day or the following day. These players are marked as Out in the roster list below. Drama, sweet sweet Drama.

Inner Circle, Malta’s Newest Esports Contender – Who are they?

Before we go through the details of Team Inner, let us get a short background check on the team’s owner. Inner Circle, founded in early February of 2021, is managed by Lucas “Lord Lucas” Fenech. He’s been gaming at a very young age and recently felt inspired by esports. He fell in love with the aspect of competitive gaming and was interested in getting into an esports team. However, instead of joining one, he created his own, naming it Inner Circle.

He mentions that Inner Circle started as a small group of friends, which slowly grew as an Esports Team. They focused on the branding of the team, as well as recruiting players and filling out squads.

What are the plans, staying local or including the foreign?

Their plans, for the time being, are to become one of the top Maltese Esports teams and dominate the local esports scene in every esport title. With regards to the team’s players and staff, Lucas Fenech states that the organisation only consists of locals for the time being. However, they hope that in the near future, they will have foreign members included as well!

What games will Inner Circle involve itself with?

The Inner Circle organisation has its eyes set on 4 main esport titles, namely: Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and Rocket League. They have also shown interest in creating a VALORANT and Call of Duty: Warzone squad in the near future. Here are all the players representing Inner Circle, sorted by their esport:

Rainbow Six Siege Roster

  • Taha– Out
  • Defoint– Out
  • Colesy– Out
  • Shaiiko – Out
  • iDrxp – Out

Fortnite Roster

  • Act– Out
  • Defoint– Out
  • Swifty– Out

Rocket League Roster

  • Taha– Out
  • iDrxp – Out

Inner Circle might be a small organisation at the moment, but the team has big plans for the future. We here at Esports Malta are always excited to see a new local esports organisation take the scene by storm! We can’t wait to see this team on the upcoming leaderboards, maybe even winning a tournament or two!

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