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BOV ePremier League Partner With Oakley

BOV ePremier League Partnering With Oakley

It has been announced that the Malta BOV ePremier League is now partnering with sports performance equipment company Oakley. Here is everything you need to know about this collaboration.

BOV ePremier League Partner With Oakley – What will this partnership consist of?

As mentioned in the main article of the partnership, this will focus on informing upcoming and current gamers on the importance of keeping healthy while gaming. Since Oakley is mainly focused on glasses and visual equipment, the majority of their products accommodate protection towards the eyes. With Oakley’s Blue light technology, gamers can reduce eye strain as well as increase performance while gaming.

BOV ePremier League Partnering With Oakley

Our mission is to provide leading eyewear innovations that enable the ultimate gamer experience. Oakley’s premium headset-compatible eyewear and the brand’s authentic prescription lenses with Prizm™ Lens Technology and blue light filtration are must-haves for all gaming enthusiasts out there!

Collin Allin, Business Brand Manager at Oakley

What is Prizm Lens Technology?

The Prizm lens is a new type of visual technology which enhances vision for specific environments. The way it works is that the lenses emphasize colours to which the eye finds most sensitive. In return, this helps enhance performance, as well as safety with regards to the eyes.

Here’s a short 10 minute video explaining briefly with Prizm Lens is and what it does:

Mid-way through 2020, Oakley introduced Prizm Gaming lenses. This works in a similar way to their standard products which feature Prizm Lens technology, but caters more towards esports athletes and players. In fact, they have just recently collaborated with one of the most popular figures in Call of Duty, Scump. This goes to show that even the best in esports prioritize their health, and you should too!

It’s definitely huge to see the Malta BOV ePremier League partnering with Oakley. This partnership benefits the health of everyone involved in the league and will foster a prioritization of the well-being of the players.



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