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GO&FUN Sponsor Elite Gaming

GO&FUN Sponsoring Elite Gaming

It has been announced that local energy drink brand GO&FUN are entering a sponsorship with local esports team Elite Gaming. Here are all the details you need to know about it:

What is GO&FUN?

Most Maltese gamers are already aware of what GO&FUN is, but if you don’t know worry not. GO&FUN is a fully-owned Maltese brand that produces energy drinks that are free from chemicals and preservatives. In other words, a natural green energy drink that consists of Vitamin C and B.

GO&FUN Sponsoring Elite Gaming
Credits: GO&FUN

GO&FUN Sponsor Elite Gaming – What does it consist of?

Elite Gaming did not disclose what the partnership will consist of directly; however, we can definitely deduct that this will help Elite Gaming grow. Along with the product-based benefits, the partnership brings a higher level of professionality to a team like EG. From a player-based perspective, it will certainly motivate all Elite Gaming members to get better results and eventually lead to more partnerships and sponsorships.

“We would like to publicly thank GO&FUN once more for giving us this opportunity. We’re very grateful to be where we are, especially after just a year. As stated, this sponsorship means a lot to us, and it could very well be another step into becoming a professional organization.”

The Management of Elite Gaming

Looking back at what Elite Gaming, or rather Xotic (back in the day) has achieved now, is honestly breathtaking. A small group of 4 friends gave this esports thing a shot, and they’re already making big moves. This is not the first time we saw a Maltese team getting sponsored by local companies. Elite Gaming has also partnered with Gamersland prior to this, and Valid Unit have got their own deals with both GO&FUN and Gamersland.

It’s definitely great to see local teams and organisations growing through partnerships and becoming more professional. One can only hope that in the next couple of years, esports in Malta becomes as serious as esports in other European countries.



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