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Level Academy Partners With USEL In Bid To Export Esports Learning Beyond Malta

Level Academy partners with USEL in bid to export esports learning beyond Malta

Level Academy has just announced its collaboration with the US Engineering League to establish a joint esports educational programme.

It’s SAFE to try this

Esports education and related endeavours are becoming an ever-larger slice in the competitive gaming pie, and Level Academy has long been at the forefront of this. Their latest partnership will enable the organization to pioneer a Rocket League-related seven-week programme focusing on every facet of the gaming experience.

SAFE, or the Student Advancement Framework for Esports, offers a blend of self-improvement avenues, featuring an educational component alongside an in-house competition and a values-based enrichment aspect. There are elective opportunities to consider for those interested in content creation, including the basics of streaming, video content creation, audio production, and working as a tournament operator.

Slated to take place between May 18th and June 29th, the pilot programme will focus on Rocket League. It will last for seven weeks, featuring a weekly two-hour session and a robust self-assessment aspect for participants age eleven and up. Much like Level Academy’s previous efforts, this project incorporates a collection of skills that are relevant beyond the gaming world, with a special emphasis on communication and soft skills related to online etiquette, presentation, and interview situations. Such educational efforts also discard many of the pervading stereotypes about gaming, both as a general pastime and as a potential career avenue. Furthering acceptance of casual and competitive gameplay alike is an important benefit of any such collaborative endeavour. The module will conclude with a practice tournament on June 3rd, where the participants can put all their skills to the test at the conclusion of the programme.

Level Academy keeps leveling up

The news follows LA’s recent partnership announcement with Velocity Esports Racing and January’s affiliation with the MLT Racing League, a growing set of relationships that further enhance the potential of their educational and training content and programmes. The Maltese esports scene has already greatly benefited from their efforts, and now this announcement marks the first time that Level Academy’s educational framework has transcended beyond these boundaries.

“The collaboration between Level Academy (LA) and US Engineering League (USEL) expands LA’s esports international footprint into the United States and broadens USEL’s esports curriculum from the physical world to the virtual realm. In the United States, USEL has strategic partnerships with World Robot Olympiad (WRO-USA) and public school systems for Robotics. With LA’s expertise in esports and video games and USEL’s sales and marketing expertise in the United States, we are confident that together we can inspire more future leaders of engineering.” – said William Wong, general manager of USEL, indicating the educational growth potential and increasing relevance of gaming across multiple disciplines.

The potential success of this test run could see the SAFE framework expanded into other games, a wider curriculum and further partnership opportunities. Never has a Rocket League scrim been as impactful on a potential career path than the ones that will take place during these sessions.


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