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Lockstock Streamer Showdown Announced

Local streamer and co-owner of Level Academy, Lockstock, has just announced his very own Streamer Showdown for Warzone! Here is everything you need to know about the event, and who is participating!

Lockstock Streamer Showdown Event Details + Format

The tournament format is a solo kill race, where each player will have to out-kill his opponent over 2 games. Before the tournament kicks off, players are seeded randomly into the bracket. When the match-ups are released, the players enter each other’s lobbies, and queue in the duo category. Once the 2 games are played out, the kill count from both games is added and that will be the final score. The player with the highest kill count advances to the next stage. In the case of a tie, the players play out another round where both kills and damage count.

Which streamers are taking part?

As shown in the event image and banner, the 8 streamers chosen are the following: Spooner, Sandmax24, Zelli0n, RealTyKy, Markos_Gamin, ForecastPanda, Juicy_FAT32, and Lockstock29 himself.

Tournament Broadcast

With regards to the tournament broadcast, unlike any other tournament, there won’t be just one point of view. The streamers themselves will be going live on the day of the event, showing their perspective of the game. If you’d like to watch a particular perspective, we’ve linked the above player names to their twitch channels.

This streamer Warzone event will only consist of 8 streamers, both Lockstock has expressed his interest in holding another event similar to this one, with a couple more streamers. He added that hopefully the tournament picks up and gains some traction, which will allow him to offer a prize pool.

We here at Esports Malta are very excited to see how the Lockstock Streamer Showdown pans out. But until then, be sure to keep yourself updated with all the local esports news on Esports Malta!



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