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Lokie Parts Ways With Team Tragedy

Lokie Parts Ways With Team Tragedy

Local Fortnite player Lokie has announced that he’s parting ways with Team Tragedy. He’s only been with the team a month, which is quite a short duration when compared with other players. Here’s everything you need to know.

Lokie Parts Ways With Team Tragedy – Who is he?

16-year-old Lucas “Lokie” Debono is quite a familiar face in the local Fortnite competitive scene. He’s been playing Fortnite for about 2 years and started competing just 1 year ago, representing Valid Unit. He’s gotten a couple of solid placements in international tournaments too. Namely: Fortnite Frenzy (placed 183rd), and he also placed 180th in 3 Fortnite Cash Cups. On the local side, he’s also managed to grab a couple of wins, mainly in Level Academy tournaments.

You’ve only been with Team Tragedy for a month, how come you’ve decided to part ways?

I’ve decided to part ways with Team Tragedy as I will take Fortnite with a casual perspective during the summer season. I’ve realised that I’d rather go out and enjoy my holidays instead of grinding the game non-stop. That being said, depending on how the meta shifts in the winter season, I’ll consider taking up competing again. At the moment, I don’t have any interest in joining any other local org or team.

Lucas “Lokie” Debono, Maltese Fortnite Player

What’s next for Maltese Fortnite?

Lokie parting ways with Team Tragedy certainly came as a surprise to many, as he’d only been with the team since the 25th of April. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had the opportunity to represent the team in local competitions, but we’re certainly eager to see him return to the scene. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a Maltese tournament, giving enough time for newcomers to improve and reach a higher level. Once summer kicks off, be sure to have tournaments taking place 24/7

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