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The IFR Champions Cup: Esports Edition

The IFR Champions Cup: Esports Edition

In the coming week, we’ll be having another FIFA 21 tournament. This time round, its an event hosted by For A Cause events, pairing up with GMR Entertainment. Here’s everything you need to know about the IFR Champions Cup: Esports Edition.

What is the IFR Champions Cup?

The acronym IFR refers to iGaming, Fintech and Real Estate. This year, the event is powered by Condor Gaming. The physical version of the IFR Champions Cup featured numerous teams from these 3 industries based in Malta. However, for 2021, the IFR Champions Cup extends onto esports, allowing local gaming talents to show what they can pull off. 

IFR Champions Cup Format

Group Stage:

The tournament splits into 2 different phases. First up, the online qualifiers, taking place between the 27th and 29th of April. The qualifiers set in a single-elimination bracket will allow a maximum of 128 players each. After the first qualifiers conclude, the tournament goes onto the final group stage.


The next stage is the Finals, which will feature the final 16 players in the tournament. Here, the tournament goes onto a physical setting where the event gets live-streamed with real-time casting. Obviously due to safety and health precautions, all COVID-19 regulations will be followed.

Malta’s finest to battle it out.

As one can easily imagine, some of the biggest companies in Malta already registered for this prestigious event. As briefly mentioned above, the competing companies come from various sectors.


  • r-Core1
  • Lracafarez

Condor Gaming

  • Vukas

Game Lounge

  • bluemink22
  • Javerud23
  • Slot Tracker
  • CiaoBianchi


PwC Malta

  • Lukku_11
  • DanielPato
  • Shania Attard

RE/MAX Malta


William Hill

  • Maik
  • ThCrook
  • The Flip Side
  • SteekHutzee87
  • El Matador
  • SpicyDys
  • GiorgioWH

Betsson Group

  • xPicina11
  • Borjesson9
  • lambo8700
  • Antonio-V90
  • Pnuccio93
  • Brunski


  • JamoBeardo20
  • Ian Ta Gadgets


  • Stellini92
  • It-Ton
  • Jalladden
  • Wilson 17x_IZIBET

QuickLets And Zanzi Homes

  • znoqzanzi
  • Saeion
  • raymond_bonello
  • Curmi JR
  • JakeBonnici
  • Xavi Dodger
  • TheMalteseViper


  • iamCalvin
  • fiobian
  • AltOz
  • IMnicky
  • Creasy971
  • Macky-B-808

Hero Gaming

  • lemon
  • Adam_Kam_13
  • Simmo
  • Gunneralain

Poker Stars

  • kop4life-1892
  • Guilherme
  • Mr Riva
  • Federicomu11
  • TheseDays_21
  • Jonhass

Trust Payments

  • Gaggu
  • KyleGJW
  • razzamatazz
  • razz
  • RyanNeal
  • Annabel

How to register?

There’s quite a lot of participants registered already. So be sure to sign yourselves up if you’re interested in participating! To sign up, kindly visit Qualifier 1 or Qualifier 2 links and make sure you are logged in. Keep in mind that a prize pool of €4000 is up for grabs!

This is a huge opportunity for anyone in the IFR industries to make a name for themselves in the game of FIFA. For this edition, the IFR has allowed other sectors to take part. This includes: the sectors of Insurance, Hospitality, Tourism, Electronics, as well as Information Technology.

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