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VertX Acquire Former Valk Alliance Members

VertX acquire former Valk Alliance members

It has been made public that local organisation VertX have acquired a couple of members that used to represent Valk Alliance. Here’s everything you need to know about VertX and their recent additions:

What is VertX?

VertX (shortened to VX) is a local team that originally started as a friend group but has grown into a proper team. Luke “Sheldinator” Sheldon and Marshall were the initial members and have now revived the team with plans to re-ignite themselves in a local competition. They were formerly a well-known Fortnite team that took part in a variety of Level Academy competitions. Here are some of their achievements:

  • 8th in the Level Academy Autumn Special
  • 10th & 20th in the Level Academy Summer Series
  • 9th in Level Academy Fortnite XMAS Special

VertX acquire former Valk Alliance members – Who are they?

As stated on VertX’s twitter, their newest additions are the following:

  • Rico “iDrxp” Suda
  • Anson “Artix” Fenech
  • Daniel “Dijnil” Cutajar
  • Shaiiko
  • Defoint
  • Omar Farhat
  • Daniel Schembri

These new players have different backgrounds and will represent VertX in multiple esport titles. Namely: Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, as well as Rocket League. Along with these games, the team will also continue to participate in Fortnite. The staff has also expressed interest in the Warzone space. With so many active members within that scene and various events happening recently, it only comes naturally that VertX would like to take part too.

VertX owner Sheldinator stated that he is impressed with the motivation and dedication that these newcomers have and is looking forward to seeing what they can put on the table for the team.

Esports Malta has reached out to VertX for their thoughts on the recent changes:

Do you think this will help the team become more well known within the scene? 

The esports community has become far more active, which helps us develop an atmosphere in VertX where we help players improve on their skills and abilities. We want to eliminate the whole “gaming is for weird people” and show everyone that through dedication, mental cognitive strength and reflexes, our players can make it in the esports industry.

What are your plans moving forward?

At the moment, I’m keeping an eye out to analyse which Warzone players have what it takes to join the team. I’m looking for players with motivation and passion for gaming, and with so many events upcoming, we’re bound to field a suitable group.

Luke “Sheldinator” Sheldon, Founder and Manager at VertX Esports

VertX joins a long list of other local teams which are active within the local esports scene. With this recent acquisition, we’ll certainly see a lot more competition in upcoming tournaments. That being said, we can’t wait to see how VertX develops in the coming months and what else they have in store for the rest of 2021.

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