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Valid Unit Enter Apex Legends; Ludo Signed

Valid Unit Enter Apex Legends; Ludo Signed

Yesterday, Valid Unit announced that they are entering Apex Legends as their newest esports title. Along with that, they have revealed their first player of the team, Ludo. Here’s everything you need to know about him:

Valid Unit Enter Apex Legends – Who is Ludo?

Tom “Ludo” Jankowiak is a 15-year-old competitive Apex Legends player from Germany. He has been competing in Apex Legends for about 2 months and previously represented the Silent Army HQ, as well as OurTrueFate. He’s quite familiar with tournaments, despite his brief length of the competition, and he’s also managed to win quite a few. Now he has this amazing opportunity to further improve his Apex skills while also getting experience with Valid Unit!

Along with being their first player on the Apex Legends roster, he’s also been brought on as their newest graphic designer. This means that while representing the organisation in tournaments, he will also be aiding the team behind the scenes.

Why did Ludo join Valid?

A friend of mine actually referred me to join Valid Unit. I have always desired to be a professional esports player. This was possible because of the support of the one that introduced me to the team. I personally think that the team is right for me because we all have the same personality and we all thrive to reach the top in the esports industry. It means the world to me to represent Valid as well as Malta as one of its top competitive players.

Tom “Ludo” Jankowiak, Apex Legends player for Valid Unit

This is the first-ever signing we’ve seen with regards to Apex Legends here locally. Despite the concise amount of people interested in competing locally, the casual scene is massive. Hopefully, with Valid Unit opting to enter Apex Legends, it will motivate other teams to enter the esport. One can only hope that the local competitive scene grows in due time, just like what happened to Rocket League, Warzone, and Fortnite.



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